Who am I?

Who am I?

As an artist, I consider myself to be in the business of culture, which I understand to be growth and development, not the business of making money. But to have cultural growth that will benefit society, I know that making money and culture must develop together. I also understand that the key to art is the power of impression. In the beginning, God created this world with great powers of impressions. Then He placed within the human being a nature like wet clay to be impressed, influenced, and molded by the wonders in creation for humanity's growth and development. God also has gifted many of us with beautiful talents with the power to impress people with our different arts and sciences. However, the artist is free to choose to represent humanity's collective growth and well-being. Or have no concern for the society that has led many people down the road to moral ignorance, decay, and chaos throughout the ages.

A people's cultural condition is the moral purity a collective group of people encourages each other to achieve. Or the moral decay and chaos a collective group of people allow each other to descend to by making excuses for bad conduct. As someone who believes in God and righteousness, I am striving to represent the group of people who encourage each other to achieve moral purity and peace. My religion is the submission of my will to God, something that all God-fearing people should have in common, no matter what else we call ourselves. As a boy, I remember sitting on the school playground hill behind my house on St. Georges Ave. in Baltimore, crying, ready to die. I had just learned the day before from my fourth-grade teacher in a history lesson that all black people were once slaves to white people and considered just ¾ of a human being. I was crying to God, asking Him why He would make me a slave ¾ of a human. Then a voice came speaking to me in my head, and it said I will make you a teacher. And I angrily said back to this voice in my head that I don't want to be a teacher but something more.

Growing up as a teenager, feeling less than a man led me and many other very talented young men that I knew down the road to prove to others that I am a man by doing things that I can only be ashamed of today. However, today along with being blessed to draw beautiful pictures and a loves to sing classic soul oldies, I also consider myself a teacher of culture and religion. My goal is to produce an African American Museum that will re-tell the African American story with the theme all good is from God, and all bad is from ourselves. Today, I believe African American history encourages an inferiority complex in black people, a quilt complex in white people, and hatred between people. It is not enough to give the facts of what happened in the African slave trade. We must also explain why these things happened. When a historical story about a people is told, it must encourage all people to get to know one another, not despise one another. Or we are doom to have enmity and hatred between each other instead of peace and cooperation.

When I look at the United States today, I see a country on a collision course with self-destruction that is subject to drag the entire world down with it. The Founding Fathers of this country had their tests and challenges before them, but they did their best. I believe that God was pleased with the moral foundation and hopes that they laid down for this country's future. Those who fought in the Civil War to free the slaves made their sacrifices for this country. They gave this country a new opportunity to live up to the justice instilled into the laws by the Founding Fathers. Even those who supported and marched in demonstrations in the fifties and sixties made their contributions. They stood against those that were doing wrong when called upon, and their sacrifice finally ended racial discrimination in the institutions of this country.

Now we, who enjoy the benefits of everything that came before us, are failing our challenges and tests. The United States has many good people from many different countries from around the world. Maybe it is befitting that those who are enjoying the most should also be the ones that must face the most critical test. All believers from the beginning understood that God also promised that there would be a last day when everything in this world will come to an end. Maybe each new people that strive to serve God feared that it would be in their life that God would bring this final end to everything. This fear probably played a significant role in motivating those who believed in God to go forth with a real purpose that there is a genuine possibility that everything we know can end at any time.

Today, many people believe that we hold our destiny in our own hands, but we do not because our existence is still in God's hands. If we used what God has given us to strive to please Him and do good deeds for ourselves and others, I believe God will allow us to continue to enjoy His blessing for an appointed time here on this earth. And we will also find that His promise of Heaven in the next life to be true. However, when God becomes displeased with us enough because we followed Satan, our avid enemy, into every kind of shameful act imaginable. In that case, I fear that He will destroy us in this lifetime. I fear this because we are enjoying so much above anyone else in history and the rest of the world today. However, I believe that we, the righteous people who are willing to repent and return to obeying God, can rise and meet this challenge. We may even end up pleasing God better than any other people in the history of humanity. Why not believe in the best in people? I run into so many people who choose to think the worst about others, and it seems to bring out the worse in them. God tells us to strive as in a race to all that is good. So, I am inviting all good people of the world to join me in this race to please God and establish righteousness to bring peace and happiness to everyone.

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