What is righteousness? Part 2 The light of moral intelligence

Morals are symbolic of water, for nothing can grow without water, and without morals, no one can grow in knowledge and understanding. When you ask whether this is the right or wrong way to do something, you must grow in knowledge to correctly answer the question. There is no such thing as knowledge or intellect without morals, but morals like water can be pure or polluted. A criminal may say it was right to kill a person because it was wrong to tell the police about him. The foundation of this person's view is to justify his perspective on right and wrong. However, in this case, this person's morals would be considered polluted.

When the sun shines down on the water, it will rise in a mist and evaporate, and as the water rises, it will leave all the impurities on the earth. When the water reaches its highest point of purity, it forms into clouds and then becomes the slave of the wind. The clouds will follow wherever the wind blows, and eventually, the water will fall from the sky as pure rain. When the rain reaches the earth, it will begin the flow downhill until it sinks into the ground, collects into a lake, or reaches the ocean. However, if the water stop flowing and becomes stagnant, it will eventually become polluted and impure. Like water, when a person's morals become inactive because they never ask whether what they are doing is right or wrong, they will become polluted. We have so much profanity, sex, violence, and the glorification of crime in our movies and music because our society is polluted. We are living in the darkness of moral ignorance today. God's light of understanding represents the sun that has the power to raise our morals from our polluted concepts of right and wrong, which is the root of all our problems.

When I look up words related to morals, these words came up, ethical, good, right, honest, decent, proper, honorable, just, and principles. When I checked these words in this list for their related words, all the exact words came up for each other. When I looked up the meaning for morals on the Internet, these are the meanings that came up; concerning or relating to what is right and wrong in human behavior, based on what you think is right or good, what is considered right or good by most people, and agreeing with a standard of correct behavior. According to these definitions, morals mean whatever people decide is right or wrong for them. Someone has been changing the meanings of words in the dictionary, but fortunately, I looked up morals over 30 years ago. Thirty years ago, morals meant the distinction between right and wrong or the ability to understand or see the differences between right and wrong. When people lose their ability to judge what is right from wrong, they will also forget to be honest, ethical, decent, proper, honorable, or just. What this means is that the people would lose the ability to judge anything intelligently. Finally, people would lose their understanding of righteousness and their connection to God. Whether the society has laws or not, it wouldn't matter to people who no longer cared about what was right or wrong because they could no longer see the difference. To have pure morals, you must only believe and obey what God says is right and wrong. As righteous believers who have left immoral people and activities behind, it becomes our duty to help those thirsting for understanding, wash clean what is dirty, and cultivate new growth and development in our society.



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