The Culture of Science or Superstition

In the Holy, Quran God tells us that He made the earth manageable for man, and I believe this is why He made this creation based on science. In the Quran, I can see the introduction of science in the story of Abraham when he looked at the star, the moon, and the sun as gods until the real God showed him the laws governing these things. I believe we can also see the same example in the story of the creation of Adam when God taught him the nature of all things. When people study the laws governing our world, they will accumulate a lot of information that can be passed on to the next generation. Then, the next generation wouldn’t have to start at the same point as the previous one. They would only need to start where the last age left off. This process of growth and development is the concept that we have today with the modern university. When someone goes to a university, they will learn everything accumulated on the subject of their interest so that they wouldn’t have to start from the beginning. Our modern-day society developed on this cultural system of scientific growth and development. If you had the formula for any scientific discovery, you would get the same results no matter how many times you experimented with it. The recipe is not going to do one thing for one person and another for someone else. God doesn’t need science because all He needs to do to create anything is say be. However, our development through the knowledge of science has given humanity a way to manage the world.

However, a society that believes in magic and superstitions have no way to pass their knowledge down to their next generation to develop further. It’s not like in the movie Harry Potter where they had a book of potions where they can get the same results every time one would cast the same spell. The closest thing I have seen to real magic in this world is my Samsung Galaxy phone with the Internet and all its apps. I can talk to anyone anywhere on this planet with a device that can fit into my pocket. It’s like the old concept of a crystal ball where I can ask the Internet any question I wanted, and it will give me the correct answer in seconds. However, we all know that this magic comes to us through the development of science over many generations. Also, we know that anyone can learn how this device works if they wanted to by going to a university.

Many people believe that the many problems we see in Africa today result from the African slave trade, and we blame it all on the white man. But I believe Africa’s stagnation is base on them clinging to a cultural belief in superstitions and magic from their past. Furthermore, I know that the white man did not give them their belief in magic. Some African Americans want to reconnect to Africa, its history, and past great civilizations to solve black people’s problems here in the United States today.  However, we don’t need to go back into the past to find success by taking on the customs and traditions of a people long gone. Think about it, if we start practicing customs and traditions of a people from the past, we may be bringing back some of the very things that got them in trouble with God in the first place.  All we need to do to become the most successful people on earth is to be the first to come back to obeying God as righteous people. Then, God will bless us to live a victorious life here on earth that no other people in history have ever lived. Plus, we will find God’s promise true in the hereafter, where we will live forever in Heaven.

However, African American’s future could be in Africa since so many people in the United States seem to have abandoned faith in God. I am considering moving to Africa myself, but instead of taking on their beliefs, we need to introduce a culture of scientific growth and development free of superstitions and magic. And we also need to bring financial prosperity to share with them, and if we can’t, we need to stay here until we can.

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